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Get the inside scoop from Former Ministry of Labour Investigators.

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Keep your workers and yourself protected.

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"Kevin kept the class engaged the whole time, and told very interesting stories based on his career as a former Ministry Inspector. I would recommend this class to everyone"

DM - Telecon

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This course was excellent. It would be a 10. The presenter was extremely knowledgeable and helped immensely with questions that we had. I would attend this again in a second. By far my most informative course taken to date.” – Town of Tecumseh

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Good information best flow in training courses I have ever attended. Workplace Supervisor notebook was an excellent tool that was provided as it fills what I consider to be my biggest gap". 9/10

-T.W. Industrial Supervisor

I've taken it 2X - because there is so much to really take in.

Its one of the better training courses I've had"

- CR - Green Infrastructure Partners

So why This Course?

Our offerings range from graphic design and branding strategy to website development and video production. Agatho boasts a global client base and various industry awards. It has set the standard for design studios as its clients collaborate with the highest caliber of creatives, engineers, and ambassadors.

Imagine if you will, a serious workplace accident has occurred: it should never have happened.

The Police are on the scene, the Ministry of Labour Inspectors are on their way, and you are asking yourself, what happens next?

  • Am I going to be charged?
  • Do we have the things we need?
  • Are they going to be okay?
  • Can we defend ourselves?
  • What do we do now?
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Prior to 2013, all supervisor courses were called ‘basics of supervising” until a former Ministry of Labour Inspector and Investigator, Kevin Brown, developed the Original Supervisor Due Diligence Course by Cobalt Safety.

In his career, Kevin witnessed a common challenge among companies and supervisors: most supervisors were genuinely committed to safety, but they struggled to prove their due diligence effectively.

Fast forward a decade, and this course has reshaped supervisor training across Canada. Providing the inside information that levels the playing field and empowers supervisors, executives, and companies with the real knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex landscape of workplace safety.

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Here's why our course is a must for anyone in a supervisory position, from Presidents, project managers, and supervisors to front-line lead hands, you are all seen as supervisors by the Ministry:

  • Understanding Due Diligence: We don't just say it, we explain it; and we show you how to exercise personal and company due diligence effectively. You will gain comprehensive insights into the why and how of protecting your team and your organization.

  • Taught by Former Ministry of Labour Investigators: Learn from the very best. Our expert instructors, with real-world experience as former Ministry of Labour Investigators, provide you with invaluable inside knowledge and practical expertise.

  • Gold Seal Accreditation: Our course is recognized and accredited by the prestigious Canadian Construction Association, a testament to its quality and relevance.

What you will learn with an insider perspective.

  • The Real Costs of Safety
  • Actual WSIB Incident and Accident Statistics
  • The Internal Responsibility System and How an Inspector sees your workplace and your role.
  • Employer Responsibilities and your role as an agent of the employer.
  • Supervisor Responsibilities
  • Due Diligence, what is it and how to achieve it!
  • Worker Rights and Reprisal laws
  • Cutting Edge Hazards and Risk identification methods.
  • Supervisor legal note-taking.
  • OHSA fines and penalties, including the criminal code.
  • Progressive discipline, union environments and subcontractor management
  • Power of the Ministry of Labour and tips on dealing with them successfully
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This course brought to light lots of information. It was professionally explained,and very engaging. Presenter has vast amounts of safety knowledge and experience. Great stories and real examples. Even after all these years in the industry I now see safety in a completely different light. On behalf of myself and my company that was amazing!"


So much value in just one day.

Don’t take our word for it, listen to what others have to say.

The Instructor is a great public speaker. Immensely knowledgeable. Great stories and very informative.

HM - Pomerleau

"Info kept me engaged the entire time. Great instructor. Really connected with methods of getting the point across" NM - Loblaws

“My awareness level has been broadened - Big Time!! Thank you for teaching this course with such expertise, knowledge and ​excitement! You kept me captivated from 8 am right thru until 4:30 pm. And I'll never forget $480,000!!" GM - Telecon

“Very thorough, informative course, lots of good & practical information throughout the entire day. Thanks!"

- RS - Pivot Systems

I really enjoyed this course. With the position that I'm in, I realize that there is more to be done on my end going forward. I would highly ​recommend to any supervisor to take this course". 10/10 - D.W. Fire Chief

Excellent presenter, with really valuable information. Learned a lot! - JH- Media Resources​

Supervisor Due Diligence is the

Inside Track for your Career

Find out the advantage that thousands of other supervisors and executives already have .

Without Supervisor Due Diligence

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You could be charged!

Increased Safety incidents

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Reputational Damage

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Lost Profits

With Supervisor Due Diligence

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You are better protected

Safer Workplace

Enhanced Reputation

Increased Profits

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